Vambrace: Cold Soul

Roguelike fantasy-adventure set amidst a frozen landscape. Plan your expeditions underground, then journey to the cursed city surface with your team of heroes. Wield unique powers, avoid dangerous traps, brave strange encounters, and survive deadly combat.

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  • Developer

    Devespresso Games

  • Publisher

    HeadUp Games

  • Genres

    Adventure, Indie, RPG

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  • Translation release


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  • Services provided

    Localization, Source proofreading, Quality assurance, Font drawing, Forum moderation, Marketing support

  • Localized languages

    French, German, Russian, Spanish LatAM, Ukrainian

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Incredibly interesting experience for us, as we were not only localizers in this game, but also contributed a lot on Quality Assurance and Quality Control, providing feedback and bug-tracking during our localization testing.

Transcreation, Proofreading, Consistency

This project is another good example that transcreation is a significant part of game localization. We are very grateful to Devespresso Games that they gave us colossal freedom in creativity.

Vambrace: Cold Soul has great lore. No, REALLY great lore. We are being introduced not only to Icenaire – cold Nordic-style city in cold dwarven realm, the place of main plot. Through the game we learn about the whole planet Ethera, all its realms, races, religions and culture.

Of course, when we talk about fantasy settings, commonly not much fresh ideas could be there. In Vambrace: Cold Soul we see new religions (based on existing human religions), we are introduced to different races as well: humans, dwarves, two different opposite elven tribes and half-human half-foxes race. And their culture, behavior, traditions and region of birth influence on how they talk and behave.

That is why our translators built a style guide on how each race should sound like, finding equivalents and dialects in their languages, looking for suitable phrases and manner of speech. And we think we managed to do it, meanwhile keeping natural speech, so gamers won’t have any problems to perceive the translation.

Developers are humans. And any writer is a human. When you work on writing a script (any), you should hold in your head many things. You make thousands of notes, draw connection lines between characters and story. And sometimes you can forget something you wrote earlier.

As translators, we have complete text in front of us (in any CAT tool, table or other doc). We are very grateful to Devespresso Games: their text is very well-structured and organized, separated into logical parts. Due to this we had possibility to follow the script carefully. And our CAT tool helped us to build vocabulary and find any inconsistency in English texts as well. When we saw some strange parts or phrasing, or when some parts of quests were not connected to others and become weird, we wrote our suggestions and developers approved and rejected (some cases, honestly) them.

Quality Assurance

When you work on translation of the game and passed initial translation phase, when you receive test-build and start post-editing and final proofreading, you play the game.

While some translators focus only on text, we cover everything, including game itself.  We found bugs not only text-related, but also discovered many core issues that could break the fun for gamers.

And we admire the speed of solving those issues from Devespresso Games. Guys really worked 24 hours per day to fix everything we found and now there is 0.001% chance that we could skip something, like when player will decide to check game behavior in really specific way (we did it several times not intentionally, and many times trying to repeat bug in other places).


Developers used 3 fonts in games, and all of them had only standard Latin characters. It’s not enough for languages we covered, that is why our specialist draw not only extended Latin characters, but standard Cyrillic characters as well for all three fonts.

That is why players do not see Arial or other common font that Unity uses, when it can’t find relevant characters.


We are extremely happy to have a chance working with Devespresso Games on Vambrace: Cold Soul, and that our translation will help gamers to immerse deeply into the world of cold city of Icenaire and help Evelia Lyric find answers she needs.

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