Quality Assurance and Quality Control

One of crucial parts on a way from idea to released game is quality assurance. This process can be related to different aspects because each single component matters in overall impression.

We can ensure the quality of your source texts (grammar and spelling errors, logic, perception, matching blocks in the game), as well as localized texts (ours or another localization company). This process is called Localization Quality Assurance (LQA).

In the same time we are capable to catch bugs as game testers. It’s like to have all-in-one solution as we check our localizations directly in the game. We help you in finding bugs in game code, that affect text placement (UI) and functional failures, especially when localization goes hand-in-hand with development process, during Early Access etc.

Many of us have more than 25 years of gaming experience, on different platforms and in different genres. Our certified testing specialists can analyze visual part and mechanics of your game and give honest and open feedback. We can help customize the design process with quality assurance considerations in mind. Our suggestions are always based on “how we as gamers perceive this feature” and studies of working and non-working mechanics in other games.

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Text Localization

All text will be translated, localized or transcreated, proofread and tested.

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Assets localization

We draw extended characters for your fonts and localize important assets.

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QA and QC

We can work as your internal Quality Assurance and Localization Quality Assurance teams.

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Marketing materials

Descriptions, websites, feedbacks, news and more.

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We work with recording studios and actors to give your voiceover natural speech.

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