As you know, voiceover is also one of important things that help players to dive into the game completely. Though voiceover localization is more common for big titles or so called AAA-projects, many other developers also consider the option to translate voices in their games.

You can think that the process of adding localized voices to your game is more time and resource consuming. Yes, it is. But players’ perception, loyalty and engagement will increase in times. And when the process is set up, developers can have more time to focus on development.

As players, as localizers and people who take part in voiceovering, we learned important thing: never start recording voices without final finished script. We often see in games how voice lines differ from translated subtitle text lines. It means that after the work with voicing was done, devs changed text script due to different reasons. And players do not feel good, when they hear and read different things. 

When you look for freelancer voice actors, it’s also good to listen several actors to find best matching actor. 

We work in both ways — loop through the pool of actors bases for some languages and work with professional recording studios with own actors base. And often these actors are quite popular and famous. For example, in Warplanes: WW2 Dogfight one of actors granted his voice to Stalker series.

Here are some examples of our work:

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Text Localization

All text will be translated, localized or transcreated, proofread and tested.

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Assets localization

We draw extended characters for your fonts and localize important assets.

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QA and QC

We can work as your internal Quality Assurance and Localization Quality Assurance teams.

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Marketing materials

Descriptions, websites, feedbacks, news and more.

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We work with recording studios and actors to give your voiceover natural speech.

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