Cluetivity® combines the best elements of classical treasure hunts, GPS-Geocaching and Live-Escape-Games with Augmented Reality Technology into a new outdoor team game. The basic gameplay is simple: Go to places in your city, crack tricky riddles and solve your mission. Whether you interact with virtual avatars in real places or unravel tricky puzzles with your ActionPack™, Cluetivity® is an action-packed adventure for families, friends and colleagues.

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Project Information
  • Developer

    Life Action Games

  • Publisher

    Life Action Games

  • Genres

    Adventure, AR, Logic

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  • Localized languages

    Korean, Portuguese, Russian

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Featured screenshots​

Quite interesting project in many aspects:

  • It’s an iPad exclusive.
  • It’s a game with Augment Reality and GPS-Geocaching
  • It’s a party-gatherer.

Game also have a real suitcase with physical objects and puzzles, that are required to solve to finish the game.

It was an amazing experience for us to translate and test this game because VR and AR games still are rear to be translated. There were several moments where we sent localized text to devs, they prepared localized screenshots and sent them to us because several features at that moment were not working outside the country origin.

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