Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf

For Sommerlund and the Kai! Lone Wolf is back with an exclusive storyline, stunning graphics and a deep combat system. Make meaningful choices and carve your path.

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Project Information
  • Developer

    Forge Reply srl

  • Publisher

    505 Games

  • Genres

    Adventure, Gamebook, RPG

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  • Translation release


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  • Services provided

    Localization, Font drawing, Texture localization

  • Localized languages


  • Status

    Not official

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Without any doubts, it’s the best interactive “gamebook” series we ever played/read. And we played them a lot.

The universe, created by Joe Dever, is unbelievable and unique. And Forge Reply brought a masterpiece to gaming with this game. We are honored to work on it, even not officially, though we received support and approval from devs.

Localization and Everything

As you could see in the top part of this page, Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf has up to 140 thousand words. Also, there you can find it’s genre – gamebook.

Well, it’s a book. Real book with interactive parts and 3D combats, which are also amazing.

So, translation of this game is incomparable with any other project we work on so far. Maybe, that is why it’s one of our favorite projects.

It’s a pure translation of fiction in it’s initial form. Game is based on wording and a lot of reading. That is why we, as translators, take a responsibility on ourselves. Responsibility to give target players a feeling they read professionally translated book.

And we think we managed to do that. During translation, we’ve created style sheets for each character and filled these sheets with proper emotions and some features of each character. It helped us to build the strategy and style guide for translation.

One of quite tough moments was a translation of monsters and races. Lone Wolf gamebook series haven’t had previously translated books, that is why we are responsible for names and titles, which are represented there. In this meaning our translation of this game becomes a new wave of fans for series.

Nevertheless, we did not only translation for this game. We also had time to prepare localized textures, what is quite rare thing nowadays, though it has great potential. Localized map shows truly amazing results and fits the game atmosphere like it was born for this role.


This game has four unique and one common font, and none of them had Cyrillic letters.

That is why our graphic designer did fantastic work and drew amazing Cyrillic letters. Honestly, in our humble opinion, these characters look even better than Latin.

Interesting, that one of those fonts is used only for drop caps — that big letter at the beginning of new chapter or paragraph. It helps to add the atmosphere of fantasy book reading and immerse you into the adventures more.


Currently, this translation is available only as mod for original game. But we still love it and do not lose hope someday to see it officially in game.

It’s no matter for us whether it’s an official or not official translation. We put our soul in every product we localize. That is why we are confident of its quality.

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