Midvinter is a cozy little point-and-click game, which invites you to explore Swedish folklore using puzzles and riddles as well as compelling music and voice over. In it, you as a player take on the role of gnome – the guardian of the farm – and get to interact with various dark and fantastical creatures.

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  • Developer

    Talecore Studios

  • Publisher

    Talecore Studios, Valiant Game Studio AB

  • Genres

    Adventure, Indie, Point&Click

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  • Services provided

    Localization, Font drawing, Voiceover

  • Localized languages

    Russian, Ukrainian

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It’s the coziest game we ever translated. Nice to dive into such beautiful, warm fairytale, even though main action is in the middle of the winter.

Game introduces us into small piece of Swedish folklore. We are familiar with different variations of gnomes and trolls, but big part of the world doesn’t know who Vættr, Skogsrå, Strömkarlen are. And this game reveals their nature and their place in folklore.

We always encourage our translators to make small homework before starting translations. It includes learning the lore, the settings. In this case we read many articles on Sweden view of fairy creatures, that we got used to. Trolls and gnomes differ from the versions we know. New to us creatures we mentioned above have distant relatives in other folklore, but they still have something unique.


We not only translated the game, but also worked on voiceover. It was quite interesting experience because voice actors should play with their voices to create those fairy tale atmosphere.

Just listen few examples of how they handled this:


This game has very interesting and unique gothic font, that is why it was quite a challenge to recreate it in Cyrillic charset in the way it would be natural for our target languages. But, as usual, we managed to make it perfect.


This game is one of the earliest projects of UNLOCTEAM, and it’s very valuable for us. We are sure we managed to recreate those warm feeling with notes of melancholy and some sadness, which were put there by developer.

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