To the Moon

A story-driven experience about two doctors traversing backwards through a dying man’s memories to artificially fulfill his last wish.

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    Freebird Games

  • Publisher

    Freebird Games

  • Genres

    Adventure, Indie

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  • Translation release


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  • Services provided

    Localization, Editing and Proofreading, Quality assurance, Font drawing, Texture localization

  • Localized languages

    Hungarian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

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If you haven’t heard about To the Moon — it’s never too late. The game is #1 among RPGMaker XP engine creations. The storyline of the game is the strongest aspect here, and all dozens of streamers we’ve watched got touched by it. Most of them cry as babies at the end of game. And we are extremely glad to receive an opportunity to join the world of Zigmund Corp. with our localization.

Our team was asked to help finish the translation of the game into Ukrainian, which lasted for several years. In result, we rewrote almost everything from scratch to give the game same atmosphere as in source. Also, through years we provided support for several other languages in texture and text preparations and sending compiled versions to devs for further publishing.


RPGMaker XP on our experience is the toughest engine in terms of localization. It simply doesn’t have general support for localization. You should replace the in-game text through engine line by line or build a custom mod specifically for this game. Fortunately, there are saviors who many years ago created a tool to extract all texts from project. And by all lines we mean all of them. System lines, names of maps and tiles, event names, dividers etc. That is why we know many people dropped the translation (it supports community translation as well) because of complexity.

But we managed to build a file line by line for our needs.

As result, we have dozens of thankful emails and comments.


To the Moon is a masterpiece, and we believe that everyone should play it, if they consider themselves as gamers.

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