The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt

Sail into the heart of the Caribbean in the Age of Piracy – the time of black flags and white skulls, blue waves and golden opportunities!

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    Home Net Games

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    Home Net Games

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    Management, Multiplayer, Naval Combat, Open world

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    Localization, Font drawing, Voiceover

  • Localized languages

    Russian, Ukrainian

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Featured screenshots​

This project is definitely one of the key projects in UNLOCTEAM story because it gave a start for great partnership with Home Net Games — Polish indie developers. Each project they make is better than previous, company constantly develops and pushes the boundaries of their creativity.

It’s an open world game about piracy, it has multiplayer, and devs supported it for over three years with constant updates, new features, events etc. Many consider this game as “mobile version” of critically acclaimed Age of Pirates 2. And millions of downloads from mobile app markets prove that this game is a treasure in mobile gaming.

Localization, ARRR

How much do you know about piracy?

Before this project we knew about pirate age mostly from movies and other games. But when we started preparations for translation of uncharted lands, we dived into these shallow waters of history, terminology, key figures etc. The setting of this game has historical background, and we knew that it’s important for big number of players to keep consistency and accuracy.

After reading tons of articles and several historical books, we are confident that our translation is as accurate as it could be.


Full localizations (text +voice) are rare in indie development, but we are glad Home Net Games know that their games are deeper with it. Especially in Pirates, when you hear the commands from fierce boatswain and warning shouts from sailors.

Just check these examples:


Game uses quite standard font, and our designer had no difficulties to add Cyrillic and extended Latin characters.

Everything looks smooth and natural in-game.


We love the way we learn new things. In this project particularly we discovered an amazing and dangerous world of piracy. And the knowledge we received here we use in other related projects.

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