Lucid Dream

The story of little Lucy, who goes on an adventure into the world of dreams with the mission to save her mother.

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  • Developer

    Dali Games

  • Publisher

    Dali Games

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    Adventure, Indie, Point&Click

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    Localization, Font drawing

  • Localized languages

    French, Russian, Ukrainian

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When you read developer’s title — Dali Games — you don’t pay attention to it at first. But when we started working on translation, we understood why they call themselves like that. Game is full of allusions, allegory, psychedelic mysticism and… sadness. It’s everywhere, in each background picture, in each line of dialogue, in each character…


Our translators worked hard and managed to not only provide high-quality translation. We enhanced the mood of the game: sadness and melancholy. It’s everywhere.

We worked with this project from Early Access, and we saw how it changed. Game was harder at the beginning, dialogues were full of allegory. It demanded from us full immersion into the atmosphere.

It was hard. Not in technical meaning. In psychological. Game is permeated with the death and despair themes. We see fantastic planets and creatures though, some quite cheerful backgrounds as well. But the concentration of lost hope there is huge.

We did our best. When you read the dialogues, you can see how natural they are, how they highlight the absurdity of some situations or the tense of time.

Just play it and check by yourselves.


Developers created their font, and, of course, it had only standard Latin characters. Our font design specialist drew not only extended Latin characters, but standard Cyrillic characters as well.


We like this project for its puzzles and the concept, and we do hope you will like our translation as well.

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