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    Management, RPG, Simulator

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    Localization, Source editing

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    French, German, Russian

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Big popular project with over million downloads all over the world. Popular mix of strategy, rich storyline, simulator, RPG, rich story and, of course, mechs with girls-pilots for any taste. This project is memorable for us not only for the fact we localized it. It’s one of our first projects where we edited source text and gave many recommendations for its improvement.

During translation to target languages we constantly wondered why story in many places doesn’t make sense. Comparing Korean and English version we noticed that translation was not accurate at all. It reverted the story in terrible manner, making it hard to trace what happens in the game and why main characters act in some way, and not another.

From technical aspect, this project also had some challenges, as buttons in many places have really limited space for text. But we managed to handle this, so interface in our target languages is smooth and looks natural.

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