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Will you try to keep the world the way it is or fight for the changes? October Night Games is a digital board game where everyone is a cultist working for one of two different sides. Scour the town for cursed ingredients and make deals with inscrutable entities as something eldritch this way comes.

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    Board Game, Cooperative

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    Localization, Font drawing

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New experience — new impressions. This is our first work on digital board games, and we were very pleased to join the team of our countrymen.


Cooperative games — are those where several players can play at the same time, together or against each other. And in such games, there is often a problem with the translation of system notifications like:

Player1 killed Player2

In these cases, the translation into almost any other European language must consider the fact, that word endings depend on the gender and word cases. If it’s not programmable (in 99% it’s not), translators should use different tricks, so texts will consider every possible option and will remain a natural look.

In most cases, there are two main moments and suggestions:

  • Format the translations of these texts in the present tense or any other, that helps to avoid gender influence in many cases.
  • Format the translations in the way, that variable texts (Player1, %s, [skill_name], etc.) will be presented only as of the nominative.

October Night Games has such issues as well, and our team resolved them successfully.


In this game, we also drew Cyrillic for fonts, and it was an interesting experience because the fonts create the atmosphere of the game no worse than the music and the visual range — all these elements are parts of the complete picture.


We hope that the developers will continue to create in the same style because it’s unusual, interesting and will definitely find its fans.

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