Rogue Adventure

Rogue Adventure is an incredible fusion of turn-based deckbuilder card game, RPG and roguelike, with an old style game pixel graphic. Play as single player or test yourself in the new Tournament mode!

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    Deckbuilder, Roguelike

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    Russian, Ukrainian

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This game, despite its comparatively small size, was a challenge for translators. Most of its lines are parts of sentences, and most of these combinations are hard to put in one sentence in other than English languages, especially in Cyrillic-based ones. That is why proper translation was held only through additional testing-editing iterations.

Also, it’s one of those projects, where developer has some strict rules on translation. In Rogue Adventure one of main principles is to leave card and enemy names in English. We already received several comments that translation is not full, but here we can’t go against the will of developer (not because we don’t want, but because of technical limitation). From other hand, we can understand this logic: users from different countries can discuss different card combinations, and it will be hard to do if all cards will have local names without one proper base of original and translated names.

That is why this project is a combination of English + local languages, but honestly, it doesn’t affect the gameplay at all.

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