The StoryTale

Fairytale platformer where everything goes bing-bang-boom, but everybody remains alive and healthy. It’s a game where you constantly forget the spells and the weapons are cursed. But even in the midst of the swirling action you can stop and think over the next step.

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    Maxim Nuriev

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    Maxim Nuriev

  • Genres

    Adventure, Indie, Platformer

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It’s a real fairytale with all proper ingredients. Cute graphics, cute story, adorable characters…

But why this project is sooo interesting from localization point? Because all texts are rhymed! Yup, you heard it. Storytelling, hints, chapter introductions — everything has its rhyme. That is why we worked hard to make this fairytale look authentic in Ukrainian. Each word is weighted and double-checked, each line filled with sense and rhyme. And we needed to make it as easy as possible, so children could find it interesting. Moreover, we had young testers — our children, who played the game, and we checked their reactions.

As result, lovely game became more lovely with our translation.

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